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In Cruise ship industry, safety is extremely important because it's always related to human's life. Think about Titanic ship which sunk in Atlantic, so many people lose their life. Of course the technology was not as good as present. But it is something that you probably interested in knowing what happen and to do in case of there's a fire or accident that make a ship being abandoned.

Every single person who stay on board cruise ship, they have to attend Life Boat Drill about an hour prior ship's departure. The passenger should wear their life jacket, also crews who attend in that event. There are about 6 crews per life boat who arrange the passenger and checking the presence of the people that supposed to board the life boat. The life boat commander and assistant life boat commander responsible in arranging the passenger to get ready to board the life boat, while other crews line them up in rows. There are more than 10 life boat, depends on the passenger capacity, and each of the life boat during an emergency situation can be filled maximum 150 person, and it can be use also for tender service which can be filled about 60 passenger.

When everybody ready for that, Captain of the ship will announce, and Chief Officer will inspected all of the passengers who attend the life boat drill. There are some of the passengers who can't attend the drill, and Chief Officer will notify them and should attend another drill as scheduled. For all the crews there are a routine schedule for life boat drill, and it is a mandatory, and there are boat commander who drive the life boat, assistant commander as secondary boat driver and crews who help passengers during emergency situation. There is some guidance for all the crews to handle emergency situation. In case of a fire the Watch Officer on the bridge will ring an alarm sounds like one short one long at least three times. And there are crews who assigned as a team who will do as fire team, which is Deck crew who monitor which fire occurred on board from the bridge and assisting in preparing for life boat lowering. The Engine crews will do as fire fighter and Hotel staff will do assisting the passenger in helping them in making the guess not to panic, stay calm. If the fire getting worst Captain will announce Abandoned Ship which is alarm sounds like 7 shorts followed by 1 long repeated at least 3 times. Then all the passengers should be get back to their room wearing comfortable clothes (warm clothes), take their medication (if any), then proceed to the embarking life boat.

The entire passengers will proceed to their designated life boat as stated by the number attached on every life jacket they use. After all the passenger assemble to their life boat stations, and checked their present by boat commander then embark to the boat, Captain will begins lowering the life boat. The entire crews will use life raft including Captain and Officers. After all the boats and rafts on the sea, every boat will pull all the rafts away from the ship as far as possible, and they will be gathered and make circle formation with rafts in the middle surrounded by the life boat. As the ship sinking the life boat and rafts crews will start using flare gun and other signaling device to attract other ships for help. Nowadays the ship equipped with GPS system that sent coordinate to the USCG and other ships for locating the ship. There are also foods (biscuits) and water which can be consume after 24 hours. And before embarking the life boat everybody must take seasick pill to avoid sea sick caused by movement of the boat or raft.

Hopefully this little information will opened up your mind in preparation for working on board the cruise ship, good luck guys!
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